How The Collection Process Works

A Commercial Debt is created with a transaction that obligates a business to pay for

goods and services used in the conduct of the business or profession.

Forward your delinquent accounts to our office via mail, facsimile, email, or through our website. Upon receipt, an acknowledgment is to your office on the date received verifying our acceptance and the balance owed. A demand letter is dispatched immediately to the debtor business advising that Mercantile Commercial Service is involved in collection and demanding full and immediate payment. This places the debtor business on notice that your company will no longer accept excuses and delays for payment and that you have authorized Mercantile Commercial Service to take appropriate collection action.

A professional collector is assigned to the account and telephone contact is initiated. Our collectors are experienced professionals trained to handle all types of commercial accounts with the expertise in locating, making contact with responsible parties, applying pressure to prompt payment, while keeping our client’s good name. Mercantile Commercial Service has local and national skip tracing resources for locating and investigating companies. You can now take the time and energy spent on collection of accounts and focus on areas of your business that are more productive.

Mercantile Commercial Service will keep you informed of our progress with monthly inventory reports and interim narrative updates. You can contact our office anytime during business hours for a verbal or written update on any accounts placed with our office.

All payments received at our office from your accounts will be reported to you daily. A remittance check will be issued and the net proceeds forwarded to your office within 14 to 21 days. When the account makes payment to your office contact Mercantile Commercial Service immediately and we will forward an invoice for fees to your office. If the payment is for the full balance owed , further collection action against the debtor business will stop. If the payment is partial then Mercantile Service will adjust the account balance and continue efforts to collect the remaining balance owed.

The debtor may contact your office after receiving a notice or message from Mercantile Commercial Service: Many times they do not want to deal with a collection agency (we do not accept excuses) and attempt to circumvent the collection process by attempting to ignore Mercantile Service involvement. Unless the debtor is informing you that the full payment has been mailed, the debtor should be referred to our collection office.

About 80% of claims received at our office do not have full or completed documentation, credit applications, signed work orders, contracts, legal composition, or names of principal owners. Mercantile Commercial Service has the tools to locate debtors, uncover the principal owners or parties responsible to make payment, and search for assets. Mercantile Commercial Service can uncover any unknown disputes or billing irregularities that may not have been recognized or discussed prior to our involvement.

Mercantile Commercial Service intervention applies a different psychological “pressure” on accounts to pay. We take out all of the emotion of asking for payment. Our focus is on obtaining direct contact with the debtor and prompting payment. Forwarding an account to Mercantile Service raises the priority for payment from your delinquent customer. Our professional staff knows all the ‘debtor tricks’ and ‘stall tactics’ used to avoid payment and we will not accept them. Our focus is on getting you paid as quickly as possible